About Adela You Adela

Welcome to Adela’s Room Treatments, where personalised care and natural beauty take centre stage in every experience. Adela, the dedicated owner and practitioner, embarked on her journey in the beauty industry many years ago. In 2019, she took the leap and established her own tranquil haven within the comforts of her home – a space where she could provide tailored treatments that genuinely cater to the unique needs of her clients’ skin and bodies.

Client-Centric Philosophy

Adela’s commitment lies in crafting treatments that are guided by her clients’ specific skin requirements, rather than simply opting for the most expensive solution. Her dedication to using natural products that nurture and respect the skin underscores her genuine concern for her clients’ well-being. Despite her bustling schedule, Adela’s unwavering hospitality shines through, ensuring that every client is treated not only with exceptional care but also with kindness and a delightful selection of refreshments.

Premier Products for Optimal Care

In her pursuit of excellence, Adela exclusively uses Eve Taylor and Juliette Armand products for all her treatments.

These esteemed brands share Adela’s values in prioritising the holistic care of clients, ensuring that every product resonates with her commitment to skin health.

An Oasis of Serenity

Adela’s home parlour envelops you in an ambiance of tranquillity, privacy, and discretion. Soft, soothing lighting and a backdrop of serene music contribute to an atmosphere of pure relaxation. Alternatively, you can even choose your own music to enhance your personal sanctuary.

Expertise & Qualifications

Adela’s qualifications are a testament to her dedication and expertise in the beauty industry. She has been certified by various esteemed institutions, including:

Her commitment to excellence has also been acknowledged with the prestigious “Highest Academic Achiever” award.

Glowing Reviews & Resilience

Adela’s dedication has been warmly received by clients, as evidenced by the 75+ glowing 5-star reviews she has garnered on Facebook. Even in the face of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Adela’s passion has shone through, attracting over 850 followers in a short span of time.

Accessibility & Affordability

While many other salons charge exorbitant fees, Adela has intentionally priced her treatments to be some of the most affordable in the industry.

Her belief is that everyone should have access to high-quality treatments that enhance their natural beauty without breaking the bank.

Your Well-being is Her Priority

Adela’s commitment to client well-being extends to meticulous hygiene practices. Fresh couch roll and new disposable gloves are integral to every treatment, ensuring a clean and safe environment. Adela’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene is also reflected in the 15-minute breaks she takes between clients, allowing for thorough sanitation.

Step into Adela’s Room Treatments and experience a haven of care, expertise, and tranquillity where your skin’s health and natural beauty are cherished above all else. Book your appointment today for a journey of rejuvenation and personalised indulgence.

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